Vahid Bey, this fertilizer is applied by drip irrigation. Fruits and vegetables, sunflowers, grains, sugar beets, tobacco, bananas, decorative flowers, etc. can use to. Sota 0.5 kg is used, but it is recommended to apply under the supervision of an agronomist.
Hello Elshan bey, add 1 lt Humic plus to 1 ton of water, 1 kg 18-18-18 and apply.
Hello Islam Bey, to remove the stickiness, mix 1.5 liters of spring oil in 100 liters of water, 50 ml of Confidor, 100 grams of Wetland and apply. In general nutrition, apply 30 liters of Adam per hectare, 300 grams of Potasol per 100 liters of water, every 7 days.
Hello, Ms. Nargiz, first of all, thank you for clearly stating the information. It should be noted that it is not possible to say exactly what the problem is, as we do not know your diet and the variety of tomatoes you have grown before. If other vegetables are in good condition despite your same diet, then the seedling may have a problem.
Hello Iqrar bey, we would advise you to give Potasol fertilizer. Add 300 grams to 100 liters of water and give, provided that the leaves. When giving, pay attention to the delivery times. Give either in the afternoon to cool down, or early in the morning.
Rasul bey, of course, you can use this fertilizer. You can give before the first color on the eve of fruit formation. It is enough if you apply 1kg for 10 sot
Mix 10 liters of 0.5 kg in 100 liters of water. If 2 liters of Humic Plus are added to this substance, the result will be even more obvious.
Hello Shamistan Seyidov, you will see how the root system develops and benefits the seedlings 3-4 days after applying the fertilizer to the seedlings.