About us

Expert Agro Services LLC is a company established in the field of agriculture in 2016 and registered by the Ministry of Taxes of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Our structure is to provide Azerbaijani farmers with seeds and fertilizers, to support the sale of quality seeds and fertilizers in the country’s market.


As Expert Agro Services LLC, we offer you Organic, Chemical, Organomineral, Specific types of fertilizers produced in Turkey, Europe and Russia. In addition to developing plants, these fertilizers are an excellent tool for better yields and disease resistance.




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Vahid Bey, this fertilizer is applied by drip irrigation. Fruits and vegetables, sunflowers, grains, sugar beets, tobacco, bananas, decorative flowers, etc. can use to. Sota 0.5 kg is used, but it is recommended to apply under the supervision of an agronomist.
Hello Elshan bey, add 1 lt Humic plus to 1 ton of water, 1 kg 18-18-18 and apply.
Hello Islam Bey, to remove the stickiness, mix 1.5 liters of spring oil in 100 liters of water, 50 ml of Confidor, 100 grams of Wetland and apply. In general nutrition, apply 30 liters of Adam per hectare, 300 grams of Potasol per 100 liters of water, every 7 days.