CINEPOT is a product that has been enriched with enzymes and activators. It ıs a combination of nitrogen (N), calcium (Ca) and Potassium (K).

Its organic matter and fulvic acid content it encourages better rooting and enriches the soil habitat.

The usage from the fruit setting to the harvest directly effects the fruit growth, colour, level of sugar and the quality.

Eliminates the deformation of the fruit.

The calcium (Ca) content helps the fruit skin to be standard and also when the fruit goes into the market it increases the shelf life and total appeal.

There is no problem with over dose. Over dose can be done for sudden growth.

It has a very low salt index, and has no burning point.

It especially prevents skin deformation, cracking and flower nose rotting with vegetables.



Flower Bomb

When it is used via foliar application it triggers multiple reactions, it is a unique bio stimulant product. The benefits it has for the plant is countless.

The most important feature during the blooming period, it creates healthy flowers, strong peduncle, intense amount of pollen, increase in pollination, it also has effects like awaking the plant during stress conditions quickly.

In greenhouse production where bumble bees or in biological combat helpful insects are used, it makes their works easier and gives a synergist effect.

With its content of amino acids, enzymes and plant nutrients it effects the fruits quality and brightness in a good way. It prevents deformation due to stress conditions that occur in fruits and increases the fruits appeal.

It is in a gel formulation, it is 100% water soluble.

It is important to use periodically from the vegetation to the harvest period.



Herta Kova 8-8-8

HERTA KOVA 8.8.8 contains organic matter, fulvic acid, amino acids and has been enriched with enzymes and activators. It is a balanced element for the development of the vegetative.

Because of the 1.1.1 ratio of the micro elements, it can be used to increase the yield and plant growth at all stages of the plant growth periods.

Allows the acceleration of microbial activity in the soil through organic content.

Apart from it having a low PH, with the enzymes and activators the anions and cations in the soil pass through the plant quick and easy.

Its fulvic acid content apart from the rooting effect it has, it also makes the NPK pass to the plant easier.


HERTA KOVA 10-20-0

Herta Kova 10-0-20

HERTA 10.0.20 contains organic matter, fulvic acid, amino acids and has been enriched with enzymes and activators. When used during the fruit formation and harvest periods it ensures quality fruits.

Because of it organic matter contents it does not create salt problems within the soil.

HERTA 10.0.20 is enriched with trace elements so it prevents malformations of the fruit.

It will be more effective for fruit growth if used with drip irrigation fertilizer.

Because of its special contents the potassium (K) element can be transferred into the plant without it using a lot of energy.



Honey - M

Honey-M is a product which is combined with phosphorus and trace elements and enriched with enzymes and activators. It is one of the most auxiliary for the plant before blooming.

Because of its special chelate the plants absorbance skill is higher, you will be able to get good results with foliar and drip irrigation applications because it is a liquid phosphorus.

It is directly effective when used for shinier fruits, strong flower peduncle and intense pollination amount. It also brings down to the minimum for falling of the fruits and chock fruits.




Potasol is a pateneted product enriched by enzymes and activators, it is a specific product which responds to the plants need of potassium (K) quickly.

Because of its special formulation, in all stress condition (very hot, cold and salty) it can be absorbed by the plants root very easily.

When used in drip irrigation systems, The nitrate (NO3)- is negatively(-) charged in the root zone and the potassium (K)+ are combined compound to form potassium nitrate (KN03)- which are transmitted through the roots to the beams.

With foliar applications with help of the enzymes and activators it goes through the stomas to meet the need of K.

It directly effects the fruits growth, colour, quality and sugar ratio, for this it increases the fruits market value.

It gets rid of the distortion of fruit shapes and help for the standardizing of the fruit skin.

There is no problem with over dose. Over dose is suitable for sudden growth. There is no means of burning.




Problems that occur during production and application of phosphorus(P) and calcium(Ca), this product is a ingenious combination, it is in a gel form and 100% water soluble.

Apart for the nitrogen (N), phosphorus (P), potassium (K) and calcium (Ca) it contains it also includes patented activators. Inside the complex there is Boron and with this the micro elements movement and transmission to the beams are helped.

When used with drip irrigation systems, it can be a special filling for the plant. Within the plant, lignin (wood pulp) by providing a synthesis of the plants make ready against stress conditions.

Especially when the temperature low during the winter months, when there is sunshine periodic usage is very important even if it is in small amounts.

It directly effects fruit growth and with its calcium content prevents rotting.

With foliar application it extends the fruits shelf life. It also extends the fruits waiting period in the storage. When the fruit goes into the market it will be bright and shiny

With its perfect combination it is an unique product.

The establishment stage of the product is special and original to our company.