Ares TS

It is suitable to be used with drip irrigation systems close to harvest and the harvest period, because of the potassium (K) and sulphur (s) content is has.

It has an important role in the fruit growth and colouring.

The Potassium polysulfide (KPS) content increases the soils EC, and gives very fast colouring and blushing to the fruit, and prepares it for the market.

The effect is more rapid in calcareous soils.

It is not advised to be used with foliar application

It is advised to consult the dealer before doing any mixtures.

It is not advised to be used during the early period of the plant.



Calsimol Plus

✓ It is a unique source of amin nitrogen (NH2) and calcium (Ca) that can ve used through foliar and drip irrigation applications.

✓ Because of the content it holds, it encourages rooting by balancing the hormonal level.

The building blocks of protein are amino acids. In the structure of the amino acids there are amin (NH2). So when Calsimol Plus is used the protein synthesis increases and production of plant nutrients increases.

Calcium (Ca) is a big element in micro elements. Plants use a great deal of energy (ATP) to carry calcium. The calcium is carried easier because of the products boron content. By this way all cells that need the calcium are reached.

Lack of calcium is resolved with foliar application. The calcium passes through the stomas quickly.

It can be used on all types of fruit and vegetables.



Contra Antistress

This product is totally natural with the enzymes and bacteria technology it holds, during production no chemicals were added what so ever.

Bacteria’s that have been isolated from nature (lactic acid bacteria, Azotobacter, Pseudomonas fluorescens), it was formed into a product from results of particular fermentations.

At the same time because it contains isoleucine, beat and creatine amino acids, it is the product which comes to mind in stress conditions.

It increases the helpful microorganisms in the soil and pressures the pathogens (disease agents) also prevents damage to the crops.

It is suitable to be used in all periods of the plants development, growth, blooming and harvest, because it continues as a permanent activation of periodic plant.

It has no burning point. It can be used with drip irrigation and foliar. It is not suitable to be used with basic pesticides and products which have copper.

When used in poor soil, especially in terms of the amount of organic matter, the results can appear very quickly.


Contra Nitrojet

✓ Because of its special production technique the nitrogen (N) it contains is totally water soluble and the nitrogen type can easily pass through the leaf stomas without using any energy.

It does not contain chlorine and the salt index is very low.

Because the nitrogen’s combination was made with balance, it can be mixed with all fertilizer waters. Regular use is certainly not an invitation to hollow fruit formation and diseases

When used with foliar application It is absorbed by the leaf cuticle and stored there. Nitrogen is released steadily and regulary from the waxy layer and the plant will take in the requirements from the stoma.

If combined with products which contain potassium in the fruit growth period, sudden growth is ensured.




The copper (Cu) is chelated with the glucuronic acid, and becomes into a organic compound, it is used to meet the needs of copper (Cu) by the plant.

Because it is an organic preparation, the capillary roots of the plants, or uptake through the stomas is very quick. When the plant takes up CUPROLİD it is done with passive carrying so the plant does not use energy (ATP).

It prevents the spread and epidemic of the bacterial and fungal diseases pathogens.

It is advised to be used by foliar especially after pruning, hoeing, surprise and after rain.

If used with drip irrigation system makes duplex actions of treatment and preventive

Consulting the authorized dealer before making any mixture is recommended.


PHOZİN 5-25-0

Phozin 5-25-0

It contains a balanced ratio of phosphorus (P) and zinc (Zn) that does not have any adverse effects.

It addresses the deficiencies of the plants Phosphorus (P) and zinc (Zn).

It shows effects like fruit elongation, flowering and pollen formation, hardening and thickening of the flower stalk. If used by drip irrigation system it encourages rooting. It accelerates the release of the rooting hormone auxins.

Feeds directly into the eyes of fruit orchards. It especially triggers the fruit to store energy in the buds and for it to burst early for the upcoming year.

It prevents the plant growing to height, and helps the plant to be more sedate and be more productive for fruits.

It can be used in foliar or drip irrigation systems. It has no burning or phototoxic effect.


Racine Plus

It is designed to be implemented in the first phase of the development process plants made of Confusion.

Racine plus not only feeds the plant in the early stages, but also helps the secondary roots to grow faster and allows the formation of additional roots faster. It also encourages the roots to go down deeper and spread out.

Even in Negative conditions where high temperature and relative humidity promotes root formation for optimum seedling or sapling.

If diversion is being done, it will quickly eliminate all possible stress conditions that may occur.

It brings the planted seedling or saplings chose of soil or climate conditions to the minimum, it helps development to all seedlings or saplings in the same ratio.

Because it contains carbon (C), C4 plants (corn, sugar cane, sorghum, purslane) that need longer days, it can answer the needs in a optimum ratio.

The plant nutrients combination came about after our R&D studies and it is special to our company, it is a unique product.




Our countries the general problem is soil salinity and desertification. As a result of excessive and unnecessary fertilizer use our soil it is becoming more salty every year.

REGULATÖR/HERTASAL with its rich content is a key solution for the salinity. Sodium (Na) and calcium (Ca) ions cause the salinity, so with its biochemical content it is able to substitute the ions, so by this it prevents salinity.

When used with drip irrigation systems, it organizes the soils’ fauna PH. It plays an important role in neutralizing the PH. So it encourages the neutralizing.

When put into the fertilizer tank, enabling the pH of the resulting solution and the balancing, this helps the roots to absorb the fertilizers quickly.

There is no problem with mixing. It is advised to be used after fertilization.


Shark Phos

Our product does not contain phosphoric acid and potassium nitrate, it is made by TETRACAL and its contents are special.

It is a special product which is enriched with enzymes, potassium, phosphorus and nitrogen, which is 100% water soluble.

Especially in the plants growing period where excessive water and nitrogen is used sizing problems occurs. When the weather is in a cloudy period the plant will lengthen and not make flowers, this is the exact time to use the potassium and phosphorus combination Shark Phos.

With the drip irrigation systems like MKP powder fertilizers ratio, the mobility in the plants root is high.

It compacts the space in between the progenies, and strengthens the flower stalk. This way it prevents the fruits falling. The flower and fruit to form will be healthy and flashy.

Fruit gardens which face Periodicity (yes year/ no year) if used on a regular basis when the tree is loaded, the fruit buds are created for the next season so it decreases the Periodicity.

Again with fruit growing, if it is combined with zinc it will be a good technique to feed the flower buds.




Especially with greenhouse productions, when the temperature and relative humidity is high in the spring and summer period, Depending on the temperature and irrigation irregularities, sorting problems occur with the plant. Plants during these periods rather grow to length and doesn’t bring out flowers, so generative parts can stop.

By stopping the growth Törtıl has these benefits for the plant;

Increases the blooming.

Progeny Search is more frequent.

Thickening the branches sap, and preventing breakage and loss of fruit.

Prevents excessive longitudinal growth.

Makes the plants resistant against diseases (pathogens).

Positive encouragement for rooting.

WARNING: Do not apply more than what is advised.






It is used as a spreader – adhesive for foliar applications of fertilizers or pesticides.

It has a non-ionic structure.

It is advised to be used first in fertilizer and pesticide tank.

it has a buffer solution effect.



Yovita - K

YOVITA-K is a product which contains 100% water soluble Nitrogen (N) and Potassium (K) along with it enriched organic acids combined with enzymes and activators. Its movement skill around the root zone is pretty high.

YOVİTA-K has a direct effect for fruit growth, increase in sugar level, colour so it directly increases the fruits quality.

It has a great Contribute for the fruit development and growth especially for the varieties like banana, tomato, melon etc. that are in need of a lot of potassium (K) from the fruit setting all the way to the development period.