BESUPON 20-20-20

Besupon 20-20-20

Besupon 20.20.20 has a high degree of resolution. It is a blended leaf powder fertilizer, can be used through foliar and drip irrigation systems.

Because of the 1.1.1 ratio of the micro elements, it can be used to increase the yield and plant growth at all stages of the plant growth periods.

The use in the early stages of plant growth is a stable factor for the development of the vegetative.

It is enriched with enzymes and activators.


BESUPON 12-7-40

Besupon 12-7-40

Besupon 12.7.40 has a high degree of resolution. It is a blended leaf powder fertilizer, can be used through foliar and drip irrigation systems.

It is enriched with enzymes and activators, absorption ability by plants is very high.

Usage during the fruit growth and the harvest period, meets the need of my high potassium.

It has positive effects for the fruits calibration, brix, colour and shelf life, so in general it increases the fruit quality and value in the market.


BESUPON 12-40-10

Besupon 12-40-10

Besupon 12.40.10 has a high degree of resolution. It is a blended leaf powder fertilizer, can be used through foliar and drip irrigation systems.

It is enriched with enzymes and activators. Absorption ability by plants is very high.

It is in ideal ratio for phosphorous NPK fertilizers, the phosphorus intake is maximum because of the chelate.

The use in the early stages of plant development will shorten the intermediate plant knuckles, and help with the plants rooting. It is also effective with the plant flowers in preparation



Color Shine


Herta Combi

This product meets the needs of the plants micro elements requirements because of its special organic and micro element chelating which is unique to us.

It is very successful with foliar and drip irrigation system application.

Within its content it includes amino acids and our special chelate for this its absorbance is high with drip irrigation and foliar applications.

All of the microelements are chelated and all are totally water soluble, it does not contain chlorine.

When there is a lack of trace elements, it resolves problems like dispose of flowers, poor quality fruit formation, slowing the metabolic and enzymatic activity, chlorosis.

Herta Combi / Supra Combi are good fertilizer assistants.




During the harvest period the plant is in need of potassium (K) highly. The potassium sources used during this stage is very important. Potassium is a big element and is carried very hard.

Because of its organic structure K-BOMB can easily pass through the plant roots and stomas. It helps the plant to get the needed potassium without it using up much energy.

It is very successful with banana and tomato applications. It ensures that the bananas pellet is filled up. It helps the growth of the tomato and also prevents the green shoulder to occur.



Leader Fer


Root trap

Roottrap contains all of the rooting hormones, and is also a good source of phosphorus. It encourages the formation of new capillary fringe and absorbing in the root system. After various reasons of wounds that occur in the root system, has a positive effect on the regeneration process.

There are a lot of benefits like, increasing the germination of the seed, soil structure, negative climate conditions, PH of the soil and intake of plant nutrients in the soil with elemental imbalance in nutrient intake.

It is essential to be used from the start of the seedling period throughout all of the plant vegetative and generative periods.

It is important for the plant development to mix minimum of 100g in all fertilizer waters.

Because of the micro element contents it encourages to make full plant nutrition.

Roottrap can be defined as nutrition assistant.

Better results can be seen when used with drip irrigation systems.




STARMAN is a powder product which meets the needs of manganese of the plant.

STARMAN miscibility and resolution is high, is a non-phytotoxic plant nutrition assistant in drip irrigation and foliar application.

Manganese plays an important role in the structure of chloroplasts in plants.

The manganese element is neutral and the soil is alkaline the uptake from the plant is low and the lack can be seen of the plant. Within STARMAN’s contents there is sulphur and with this it balances the soil PH and because of this the intake is done with a much higher degree.

If used timely and accurate it can help the coloration of the plant periodically. The length of the day by participating in the structure of the chlorophyll in plant species prevents chlorosis.




This product has been designed to meet the needs and the lack of zinc and boron in the plant, it is a formulated powder product.

ZİNBOR is suitable for foliar and drip irrigation system applications.

It has positive effects on the enzymatic reactions that make up plants flower physiology, and influences blooming and pollination.

It especially minimizes the possibility of a mini blind flower that can be caused by environmental conditions.

Even if used alone, it is enough to meet the needs of zinc and boron.